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If you want the best in comfort and firmness Kiez Gold is just for you. Ultimate American Technology ensures the best experience.

Multi-Layer Spring Technology gives ultra ergonomy and comfort. Bonel Spring System on the upper side of the core has Titanium Technology that offers high level resilience with solidity. 5-Zone Pocket Spring Technology presents unique comfort and ergonomy to you and your partner.

Your mattress is convenient for both side usage. You can feel 2 different kind of comfort level in each side. One side is manufactured with Visco-Elastic technology that covers your body with a smooth feeling while the other side is manufactured with High-Density foam that gives a strong touch and support to your body even with softness.

Cotton-Made ultra soft knitted fabric presents air flow inside and keeps lifetime of mattress very long.

Kiez Gold tenders a better sleep experince and healthy mornings.


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